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Artisan beer
soap nº 5 – 125G

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Discover our soap for beards and hair made with beer! It helps strengthen and thicken the weakest of beards, and its blend of natural oils of avocado, olive, castor, soybean, shea butter and enriched with hop and malt extract, yeast amino acids and vitamin E, will make your hair and beard look smoother and hydrated. Regenerative boost anyone?

Our Beer Soap is artisanal, hand-cut and 100 % natural. Give it a try!

100% Natural
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Free
Silicone Free
Suitable for vegans


Barley Extract: Contains proteins that act on the hair protecting it from external aggressions, repairing it, conditioning it and increasing its elasticity by forming a protective layer to reduce the risk of breaking.

Hop extract: Stimulates hair growth and has anti seborrheic effect.

Yeast and beer extract: Yeast and beer contain proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that protect the hair and skin. The low molecular weight proteins have the capacity to penetrate all the way to the cortex of the hair fibers to repair, strengthen and protect them from the inside. High molecular weight proteins have ability to form layer on the surface of the hair and are suitable as protective agents and hair softeners.

Vitamins in beer:
Vitamin B2 (or riboflavin): strengthens the capillary structure
Vitamin B6 (or pyridoxine): fights seborrhea
Vitamin B7 (or inositol): stimulates hair growth
Vitamin B8 (or biotin): works against hair loss
Vitamin B9 (or folic acid): acts on melanin and as a result it maintains the natural color of the hair

How to:

Apply on wet hair. Gently rub a small amount until the desired amount of foam appears. Leave on for a minute and then rinse thoroughly.

20,90 VAT inc.

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